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The Ultimate FOREO Guide

The Ultimate FOREO Guide
Schané Flowers
Content Writer4 years ago
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FOREO was founded in 2013 and have taken the world of beauty electricals by storm! Sold in 35 different countries, the devices are manufactured in Sweden to very high medical standards.

Despite the brand only being founded 4 years ago they have grown to such a huge scale, a FOREO device is sold every 7 seconds globally.

If you are interested in buying a FOREO device but just want to know a little more, then you are in the right place! Join us as we explore each range available from FOREO and what each products is used for.

All of the products' exteriors are fully silicone meaning that they are totally waterproof and bacteria cannot cling to to device and grow making it very hygenic!

Luna 2

The Luna 2 is FOREO's flagship product available in 5 different styles. Each style is actually for a different skin type! There is a device for normal, oils, combination, sensitive and male skin. The device for men is actually great for those with beards; not only is it able to clean your beard but it can actually reach your skin below to cleanse.

Not only can the Luna 2 cleanse your skin but it also has an anti-aging feature. Once you have cleansed, if you click the device's button 3 times and flip it over, you can take advantage of this feature. Using this to massage an oil or serum into your skin is the most recommended way to use this.

The battery life of the Luna 2 is outstanding; if you charge the device for one hour you will have 450 uses, which equates to around 4/5 months use! Because of this, you will never have to worry when whether your device will run out on you anytime soon.

Luna Go

For those who travel a lot but want to keep their skin cleansed and protected from environmental aggressors, the Luna Go is great. With the exact same cleansing and anti-aging features as the Luna 2, the Luna Go is a lot smaller making it ideal for your wash bag!


The Luna Play has revolutionized FOREO and the way the brand works. It's a 'try before you buy' type of product. For the people who would love to try a FOREO but are unsure whether want to spend, sometimes, over $100 on one then this is great as it has the same cleansing features as the Luna Go and is the same size. The only difference is that this is non-rechargeable; but do not worry, you can still use this device 100 times (about a month)!

Schané Flowers
Content Writer
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A beauty enthusiast by heart and a plant lover, I'm always looking for the latest and greatest in skincare and beauty, especially clean and organic! I think everyone's entitled to high quality skincare at any budget, and I'm always on the lookout for what's new in the industry be it tips, tricks, or products!