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Founded by Denise Leicester, ila spa is a skincare brand designed to create highly potent and sacred products to nourish and rejuvenate the skin and soul. Created in a meditative environment, ila spa products channel the raw remedial power of nature by using natural ingredients that nurture way beyond the surface of the skin. ila spa’s vision is to promote biological and emotional changes in those that use them. That’s why their products and treatments contain ingredients that not only nourish the skin but also calm the heart. Boasting natural and organic ingredients, the range consists of body oils, body scrubs, eye serums, face creams, and cleansing milks.

The secret to ila spa’s healing potential is the high natural energy present in each ingredient. These ingredients are sourced directly from local growers and farmers, and they repair, rejuvenate, and hydrate your skin while nurturing you from within. The unique formulations of ila spa products create a haven of calm in your home when you need it the most. Some of the brand’s main lines include Protection Sanitiser, The Big Sleep, Inner Peace, Home, Vital Energy, and Gold Cellular. Browse the range at LOOKFANTASTIC, the official stockist of ila spa in the US.
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