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CBD infused haircare may seem like an overnight phenomenon, but brands such as OUTRÉ have been developing high-performance CBD infused hair care products for years. OUTRÉ CBD infused products are suitable for all hair types and are particularly beneficial for individuals with dry, damaged hair.

CBD is high in both Vitamin E and fatty acids and helps to nourish hair from root to tip. OUTRÉ products both strengthen hair and encourage hair growth, as they nourish the scalp and help to penetrate moisturize into the hair shaft. If you're suffering from dry, brittle, damaged hair, OUTRÉ products will help to revitalize, smooth and condition your locks.

OUTRÉ shampoo is suitable for all hair types, as it is gentle enough to not strip the hair of its natural oils, but eliminates product build-up, excess oils, and dirt from the hair. OUTRÉ have developed a range of products, from leave-in conditioner to styling oils, to ensure no matter how you like to style and take care of your hair, you can build your entire hair care routine with OUTRÉ products. Many individuals with oily hair are hesitant to use oil styling products, but in reality, oil products can help to regulate oil production in your hair by locking in essential moisture.

On a daily basis, we can put our hair through a lot. From styling with heat tools to exposing our hair to pollution and environmental aggressions, it is easy for hair to become damaged, brittle, and frayed without our realization. OUTRÉ products help to repair and soothe hair, relieving daily stress from your locks and keeping it in the best condition possible.

If you're interested in experiencing the benefits of CBD for your hair, browse our selection of OUTRÉ products now.

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