Dry Hair

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Dry hair usually appears frizzy and dull as it can't retain enough moisture, reducing its sheen. Washing dry hair with harsh shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to eliminate dead skin cells and prevent buildup can further strip it of moisture, making it appear unhealthy. Using moisturizing hair products ensures your hair retains its essential hydration, rejuvenating dry, damaged hair.

At lookfantastic, we have various moisturizing hair products from leading brands such as Garnier, Shea Moisture, Giovanni, and many more. Our products contain proteins and essential and natural oils to deliver intense moisture and hydration to dry hair. These moisturizing products are suitable for all hair types and enhance shine and combat frizz. For dry, color-treated, relaxed, or heat styled hair, we have a range of moisturizing products that address your damaged hair.

If your hair doesn't produce enough oils to moisturize it, why not try a hair mask? Our rejuvenating masks restore and repair dry hair from roots to tips by penetrating deep into your hair. They contain products such as argan oil and keratin, which enhance silky, soft locks. This boosts moisture, resulting in ultimate shine. To fully hydrate and moisturize your hair, leave our masks in for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. Our masks don't weigh down your dry hair but replenish and restore its shine.

If you struggle with dry hair, following up your shampoo wash with moisturizing conditioner helps keep your cuticles laying flat so that they can hold in oil. Our moisturizing conditioners have a weightless formula to achieve smooth and shiny locks for all hair types. They also coat your hair from root to tip, creating a hydrating veil that minimizes breakage and smooths your hair fibers.

For shiny, healthy, and smooth hair, shop our range of products specially formulated for dry hair now.

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