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Natura is a brand that cared about ethical beauty way before it was trendy. With sustainability at the heart of what they do, our range of Natura products is perfect for ethical consumers who pride themselves on healthy beauty routines.

Brazillian brand Natura was founded in 1969 and born from a passion for two things: relationships and cosmetics. There are plenty of cosmetic brands out there, but not many are like Natura, which has always been focused on the theme of relationships when it comes to beauty products. Whether that be the relationship with others, with oneself, or with nature, Natura values these relationships in all that they create.

Brazil is one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet, so it's no wonder that the people behind Natura are so focused on looking after our beautiful planet. They also use natural ingredients derived from this dynamic landscape in their products, which all boast varying benefits.

You can find examples of this in their popular hair tonic, which contains a remedy that Amazonian people have used for generations. Their Murmumuru Restoring Hair Mask is full of Brazillian Murmumuru butter to help nourish the hair on a deeper level.

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