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Our lookfantastic editors have curated a wide selection of blush palettes for every need, so you are sure to find the right blusher for you.

To help you sort through and find your ideal blushers, start with your skin type. If your skin tends to be oily, a powder blush will help absorb excess oils. Powder blush is also great for normal and combination skin, or if you want an easy application and/or a more natural look. Different brands have different levels of pigment, but with powder, it is easy to add more or less product based on your needs.

Cream blush is much more pigmented and has a hydrating effect on dry or combination skin. It is also more visible on darker skin tones and can create either dramatic or blended looks. It does require blending and may take some practice to get it right. Creams also may be sweated off more easily, making them less ideal in the summer or for working out.

Cheek stains are like a marker that leaves a tint on the cheek, lightly enhancing your natural color. These also work best with powder foundation.

The type of foundation you use can help determine whether powder or cream blushers are best. If you use a cream foundation, a powder blush may look cakey, and if you use a powder foundation, a cream blush may not blend as well.

Shade is also important. Peach blush looks great on almost anyone. For tan and brown skin, light brown and pink undertones look great. If you have olive undertones, a warm rose will give you a nice flush.

Other things to consider are how dramatic you want your blush to be, i.e. do you want shimmer and sparkles or matte? If natural, cruelty-free, and vegan formulas are important to you, we have a great selection of those as well.

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