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Born from a passion for beauty and hip-hop, MDMFlow is the latest critically acclaimed beauty empire for cosmetics. At 18, founder Flow made the decision to study cosmetic science at the London College of Fashion instead of pharmacy and spent every spare minute thinking about building her beauty empire.

With an extensive range of vibrant lipsticks and eye-popping eyeshadows to choose from, the brand is making its mark on the cosmetics industry. MDMFlow brings a cocktail of hip hop, beauty, fashion, and science to its cosmetics products, including its foundations, eyeshadows and blushers.

Taking huge inspiration from the 90s and noughties era, MDMFlow is a nostalgic rejuvenation of the hip-hop culture that remains iconic to this day! Using the latest color technology to create the most striking and vivid shades, including Panther, Mink and Empire State, MDMFlow’s lipsticks are must-haves! Beauty experts have already hailed MDMFlow’s ‘Greater Than BLK’ mascara as the best mascara of the decade.

Thanks to MDMFlow, you can experiment with your makeup, your style and your identity. LOOKFANTASTIC is an official stockist of MDMFlow’s cosmetics, which are available for delivery across the US.