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If you want the best for your skin and hair, why not give yourself the benefits of a high technology cosmetics brand such as MÁDARA cosmetics. From one-off treatments and boosters to everyday products designed to offer you all the advantages of carefully engineered, luxury formulas, made in Latvia. From botanicals to vitamins, MÁDARA uses an A to Z of natural ingredients in its skin care solutions. Whether you only have a few seconds to replenish your skin and enliven your appearance, or are settling in for a long hot soak at the end of a hard day - you can find a MÁDARA product here to suit.

Our skin comes in many different varieties, so our skin care products should, too. In this MÁDARA collection you'll find varieties of creams which contain hyaluronic acid and SPF 15, protecting against UV rays while combatting the dullness and dark spots that can threaten to ruin your complexion. There are enriched soaps that are designed to purify the skin while lifting and clearing dirt and grime. And don't forget the eye contour creams which can improve tired eyes by fighting back against puffiness and dark circles - ensure your complexion is illuminated with a natural glow!

Lotte Tisenkopfa began working on the cream formulas which would become part of the MÁDARA range in a tiny laboratory on a university campus. She devoted herself to the research for years, and the result is a stunning product range which after becoming renowned across Europe, is now available in North America. With a brand new production unit - and GMP ISO certification for exemplary manufacturing practices - MÁDARA has more resources than ever to develop and deliver state of the art skin care products which can become integral to your daily beauty regime.

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