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Colored hair requires more maintenance and care to prevent fading and maintain color vibrancy. Whether you have blonde, black, blue, or red hair, using hair products formulated for color-treated hair will nourish and protect your roots and tips. Although coloring your hair is a great way to switch up your style, using any shampoo or conditioner can strip it of its dye and damage your hair further.

At lookfantastic, we have numerous hair products marked safe for color-treated hair from leading brands such as Christophe Robin, MADARA, Joico, and TIGI. Our products contain fatty acids and natural and essential oils that prevent color loss and improve your hair's elasticity and shine. Most of our colored hair products are suitable for all hair types, but you can find one specially formulated for your hair color.

If you're struggling with damaged, colored hair, adding more products may seem detrimental, but your hair needs nourishment for a smoother and shinier look. Our color-safe products have an innovative formula to smooth out unwanted frizz leading to softer and shinier locks. They also repair damaged proteins by penetrating your hair fibers resulting in a healthier and stronger structure. This protects your hair in the future from color damage.

If you're having trouble keeping in your color for a long period, why not try our color-safe shampoos and conditioners? These products don't contain sulfates, oxidants, silicones, and ammonia, which cause fading. You can also add dye to your conditioner when washing to re-dye your hair, maintaining your hair color for a longer period.

If your hair turns grey or yellow after dying blond, using a nutritious color-safe mask can help restore its color. Our color-safe masks pamper and nourish blonde hair to reveal brighter and easier to manage colored hair.

For damage-free, smooth, and silky colored hair, shop our collection of color-safe hair products now.

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