Targeted Care

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This Targeted Care range allows you to direct your cleansing and pampering routine to the areas of your body that matter the most. You can use the products in this leading range to supplement your everyday washing formulas, giving you solutions that are engineered for specific purposes - from cleansing to nourishing, from tanning to whitening, and from protecting to hydrating.

The creams and lotions in this selection offer a variety of ways to meet your individual skin requirements. You might be battling against dry, worn-out skin, or simply want to give yourself deeper conditioning than can typically be attained from standard wash products that you can find on the market. These products include natural ingredients - including oils, aloe vera, and fruits - which can be beneficial to both the body and hair, and some of these formulas offer effects such as tanning or whitening, in addition to their primary skincare function.

However you like to apply your skincare products, there is something here for you. You can find convenient sprays, drops, and mists which fit snugly into a handbag or small washbag. There are also health supplements in tablet and shot form that can be an excellent addition to your existing diet and beauty regime. The skin on your hands typically works harder, and within this selection, there are many formulas geared towards looking after them. There are cleansers that are designed to be used during shower or bath time, as well as products that can be used on the go, such as moisturizing hand sanitizer, and hand washes that give your skin some 'tender loving care' each time you visit the bathroom.

However you care for your skin, there is a solution within this huge collection to suit your preferences. Find exactly what works for your skin and hair.

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