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If you're looking for a truly reliable concealer that will mask all of your facial imperfections, spots, and blemishes, it's time to give Amazing Cosmetics a try. These concealers are known for lasting all day long, providing incredible coverage without requiring any touch-ups. This brand is a staple for make-up artists who help celebrities look their best both on and off set and now you can get the same star treatment. At lookfantastic, we offer a range of Amazing Cosmetics products, handpicked by our team as the best concealers to have in your make-up bag.

When choosing the right concealer for you, you need to take into account your skin color and where on your face you'll be using it. The trick is to not match the concealer shade to your skin for everything. For example, if you're wanting to use concealer to cover up dark circles under your eyes, you'll want to find a concealer that's a few shades lighter, since you're trying to lighten up the area. However, you do want to use the same shade as your skin when you're using concealer to cover red spots or breakouts.

To apply concealer, it's generally easiest to use your finger. Although there are plenty of concealer brushes out there, your finger will usually make it easier to apply to targeted areas. If you're finding your concealer is caking or causing crease lines when you use your finger, try using a brush applicator instead. These are great if you have a larger area to cover or when you need to blend the concealer with a different shade.

Making sure you have the right kind of concealer will also help with the application. For example, creamy concealers tend to work best around the eyes, while thicker opaque concealers work better for pimples and red spots. Finally, always remember to blend, blend, blend. It's not enough to just apply the concealer to your skin, you need to blend it in for a more natural look.

Don't put up with skin imperfections. Discover flawless, dewy skin with Amazing Cosmetics at lookfantastic.

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