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Find the right lip liners and pencils to complete any look, from natural to classic to glam, with the lookfantastic curated collection.

Lip liners and pencils are great for outlining the lips with highly pigmented color. They prevent 'feathering' or 'bleeding' of the lip color beyond the boundaries of the lips themselves and also prevent smearing. Plus, most formulas actually help lipstick colors last longer or at least prevent fading on the outer edges.

What's the difference between a lip liner and a lip pencil? The two terms are actually mostly synonymous. Lip pencils used for lining the lips traditionally came in pencil form, that is, the lip formula itself is surrounded with a wood casing. The tips of those lip pencils become dull over time and require a sharpener, just like a standard pencil used for writing. Lip pencils now are sold as 'mechanical' pencils as well, meaning they have a plastic casing that can be twisted to reveal more product when the point becomes dull.

Lip liners is a term that refers to all devices used to line the lips: Traditional lip pencils and mechanical lip pencils, as well as lip pens, gel pots, and liquid liners.

For most looks, matching the liner to the main lip product is key. That means not only matching the color and shade but whether the lip product is glossy or matte, shimmery or shiny, long-lasting or made to re-apply. Fortunately, we carry lip liners companions for the lip products we sell, so you can simply match the brands.

Another more advanced technique is to create an ombré effect by choosing a different shade or even a different color than the lip product entirely. In that case, you still want to match gloss with gloss, matte with matte, and long-wear with long-wear to prevent caking and pilling. Whatever effect you're going for, discover your new lip color today at lookfantastic!

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