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Nothing completes a makeup look like a dash of eyeliner. Whether you go for a bold wing or opt for a more subtle cat eye, lookfantastic has the perfect product for you. We have all of your favorite brands in a variety of price ranges, including 3INA, Rimmel, NYX, Maybelline and L'Oreal, so everyone can get the perfect eyeliner to complement any eye look.

Eyeliner comes in a variety of forms, including liquid, gel, and pencil. For beginners, pencil eyeliner is a great option because it is easy to apply and doesn't require intense precision. Kohl pencil liners are wonderful for creating smokey makeup; just apply and smudge with a brush. Pencil liners also work as a base to deepen eye shadow.

For more precise eye looks, liquid and gel eyeliners are the way to go. Liquid eyeliners come in tubes with either a precision tip pen or longer, flexible brush tips. Both work exceptionally well for creating bold, sharp liner looks, and your choice should depend on which style is most comfortable to apply. If you're new to liquid liner, pen liners are typically easier to learn quickly while still providing a stellar look.

Gel eyeliners provide the best of both worlds. These eyeliners come in small pots and are applied with a brush. Many of these liners come with brushes, so no need to worry if you don't have one. Gel liners dry slower than liquids, meaning they smudge well like pencil liners. Gel liners are also the perfect consistency for precise application, too, meaning you can still achieve sharp lines.

Many people think of black eyeliner, but eyeliners come in many different neutral and bold colors that can add a pop to your look and emphasize your eye color. Whatever type of eyeliner is right for you, lookfantastic has you covered.

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