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The lookfantastic collection of serums includes our favorite products for your skin, face, eyes, and even eyelashes! Here is a brief guide on finding the best serums for your needs.

Serums, in general, are concentrated formulas designed to deliver a potent supplement to your skin. Face and eye-area serums are designed to be used underneath or even combined with your standard creams and moisturizers. These serums are not meant to be stand-alone, although you could use many of them that way. Face serums may be focused on helping a number of skin issues, while eye-area serums are generally milder for delicate skin, and anti-aging, de-puffing, or hydration-focused.

Eyelash and eyebrow serums, however, are concentrated hair growth-promoting formulas and may only be suitable for nighttime use when you are not wearing eye or brow makeup.

To get the maximum effect from your face serum, you should consider the time of day and mix or follow with a complementary moisturizer. In fact, many people use different serums for day and night. For instance, a retinol-based serum is great for anti-aging but can make your skin more photosensitive, so you would only want to use it at night. And since retinol can make your skin dry, on the nights you add retinol serum to your night cream, you can to follow in the morning with an extra hydrating serum such as one with hyaluronic acid.

The beauty of the serum is that you can add different serums to your regular creams on different days. For instance, if you are having an acne breakout, an anti-acne serum will help during that time, but then you can go back to your regular routine after. You can even add more than one serum at a time as needed. Serums are generally full of antioxidant ingredients that can be combined for a synergistic effect. Just keep in mind that adding too many serums at a time can impede absorption.

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