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When you constantly expose your lips to external aggressors, they become chapped and dry. This is because your lips are particularly vulnerable since their skin is extremely thin. Luckily, using lip balms protects your lips from external exposure, minimizing the damage caused to this sensitive area. Not only do lip balms hydrate your skin, they also make them supple and plump. Lip balms also help in preventing bleeding, cracking, and pain, helping to repair, nourish, and restore your lips to a smoother and softer pout.

At lookfantastic, we have a wide range of lip balms from leading brands such as Omorovicza, Burt's Bees, Lanolips, and many more. Many of our lip balms are formulated to soothe your lips while hydrating and moisturizing them. A number of our products also protect your pout and are suitable for use on all skin types. Whether you're looking for a lip balm stick or a tube, we have the lip balm product for you.

If you're always out, wearing lip balms may seem unnecessary, but it's your best bet at protecting your lips, particularly if you find a lip balm with SPF. Most lip balms create a hydrating protective shield on your lips that prevents contaminants and toxins from penetrating into your skin. In cold weather, many of our lip balms retain your lip's moisture, minimizing peeling and cracking caused by dryness. You can wear our lip balms daily and as often as you like.

If your lipstick looks flaky and dull, you should try applying lip balm first as a primer. A good lip balm ensures your lipstick applies effortlessly by providing a silky and smooth finish to your lips. This leaves you with an even canvas for flawless lipstick application. To ensure your lips get the moisture they need without any greasy residue, we have various lip balms that are free from paraben, wax, and petrolatum.

For smooth, supple lips, shop our collection of lip balms.

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