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These Are the 10 Best-Selling Products on LOOKFANTASTIC

 Nothing says “this product works wonders” like making it to the top of our bestsellers list. With thousands of purchases and a whole lot of good reviews, these 10 must-haves made the cut.  

Skin care

Tips for Achieving an Even Skin Tone: The Ultimate Guide to Flawless Skin

Last Updated: 06/01/2023 Have you been wondering how to even out skin tone for a long time without success? At LOOKFANTASTIC, we have some tips and tricks to help you achieve that radiant skin you have always dreamed of having. There is much more to an even skin tone than appearance. A healthy complexion can […]

22 days agoBy Team LF
girl holding an assortment of facial serums and oils from The Ordinary
Skin care

Face Oils vs. Face Serums: A Complete Guide

On the surface, face oils and serums look almost identical – it’s really no wonder they cause so much confusion. But look closer and you’ll find a stark difference between the two. Not just in their consistencies, but their ingredients and purpose too. Understanding how they work and when you should use them will help […]

4 months agoBy Team LF
Skin care

Which Facial Cleansing Brush is Right for You?

Wanting to dip your toes into the world of facial cleansing brushes? We’re filling you in on what you need to know and the differences between some of the top brands so you can find your perfect cleansing system.

6 months agoBy Team LF

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