Matrix was founded in 1980 by the American husband and wife hairdressing team, Arnie and Sydell Miller. Before he founded Matrix, Mr. Miller was a hairdresser for over 20 years. Mr. Miller decided to try his hand at running a different kind of company in 1971, when he developed individually applied eyelashes.

Now, over two decades later, the Millers’ original ideas still stand strong, and Matrix is committed to the development of the salon professional, offering a wide range of haircare, haircolor and texturizing products including: Biolage, Oil Wonders, Total Results, COLORINSIDER, SOCOLOR, Color Sync, Gloss Sync, Logics, LightMaster, V-Light, Vavoom, COLORGRAPHICS, Opti.Collection, Opti.Effects, Opti.Smooth and Style Wave.

Which Biolage R.A.W. Style is Right for You?

Thanks to the creative team at Biolage R.A.W., you can now opt for natural hair styles for your long, medium or short hair that treat your strands and our world with TLC.

They’ve designed a collection of natural haircuts and styles, and Biolage R.A.W. stylists throughout the country are standing by, ready to give your hair easy, cool, timeless looks that require very little maintenance and only get better with time. Find out what style and product is right for you today!