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Shampooing helps to remove dirt, debris, and odor from your hair. However, most shampoo products contain sulphates which is a foaming agent that makes shampoo sudsy. Sulphates attract both oil and water and remove dead skin cells from your scalp. The downside of shampoos that contain sulphates is that they strip natural oils from your hair. This contributes to dry and brittle hair. However, with sulphate free hair products, you can nourish your hair without weighing it down.

At lookfantastic, we have a range of sulphate free products from reputable brands such as Grow Gorgeous, A'kin, and Giovanni. Our sulphate free treatments contain nourishing ingredients such as amino acids, keratin, and tea-tree oils to strengthen your hair and breathe new life into bland, weak, and dry strands. Our sulphate free products are formulated to suit all hair types.

If you have color-treated, coarse, or dry hair, you should consider using sulphate free shampoos. Sulphates can strip off hair color, meaning your new shade doesn't last as long. In contrast, sulphate free shampoos enhance shine and volume and aren't as harsh on your color-treated hair. To lock in your color vibrancy and protect it from fading, use a sulphate free color protection shampoo.

If your scalp is sensitive, sulfates can cause irritation, itching, and a dry scalp. Sulphate free shampoos help rehydrate your hair, cutting down on scalp irritation. They gently clean your hair from root to tip, restoring its elasticity and stimulating new hair growth.

As for heat damage, your hair needs hydration to reduce frizz and split ends. Heat damage can weigh down your hair, making it look brittle, weak, and dry. We also have various sulphate free vegan shampoos suitable for heat-damaged hair so that you can protect your style and the environment.

For healthy, manageable, and clean hair, shop our collection of sulphate free products.

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