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Brows are in! Whether you go glam, natural, or polished, lash and brow serums are the finishing touches to any look. lookfantastic has a range of products for all your lash and brow needs.

Eyebrow shapers from leading brands such as Lilibeth of New York are great for those with natural eyebrow hair that needs to be tamed quickly and precisely. These tools are sized correctly and ergonomically made for ease of use.

Eyebrow powders and tints are meant to add fullness and color to your brows. These are recommended if you have very light or naturally sparse brows. A color that is a few shades darker than your hair is the general recommendation for a naturally-blended look. Some kits come with more than one color to create eyebrow contouring, which is a more advanced makeup technique but will really add emphasis to the brows.

If you have thin or sparse brows, an eyebrow pencil can create contour and fullness. Eyebrow pencils work well with either eyebrow powders or clear eyebrow gels, although not both at the same time.

Eyebrow gels come in clear or colored formulas. These tame your brows, enhance the shape, and keep the brows in place. Colored formulas add fullness, as well as deepening your natural color and taming the brows. Eyebrow gels are best for people who already have at least a fair amount of eyebrow hair.

On the lashes side, a growth serum from one of our leading brands, such as L'Oreal and Elizabeth Arden, will help you to fill your natural lashes in. The finishing touch to your makeup look is mascara, which will add length, volume, or both to bring out the best in your eyes. Mascaras are generally brown or black, with black creating a more dramatic difference. Most people have dark eyelashes so black is most appropriate, although if you have naturally light hair, you may find brown mascara creates a more natural look.

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