Salcura Natural Skin Therapy

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Salcura Natural Skin Therapy products are tailored to those suffering from allergic skin conditions. All products are dermatologically tested to ensure they're suitable for even the most delicate of skin.

Following development by bio-medical scientist Dr. Martin Schiele, Salcura has been helping alleviate skin problems for over 10 years. That's more than a decade of satisfied customers, and more than enough time to perfect their formulas.

Regarding products, Salcura's selection is bountiful. From derma sprays, gels, and serums, to face wipes and wash, Salcura offers a comprehensive skincare regime that can be used day and night. Salcura works by boosting the self-healing properties of the skin through nutrients - that's why you'll find Salcura products bursting with natural oils and extracts.

Just a few of the natural ingredients you could expect to find in your Salcura products include glycerin, safflower, sea buckthorn, eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree. All of these (and many more!) reap many benefits, from having anti-inflammatory properties to boosting skin elasticity; from rejuvenating your youthful glow to helping to heal acne scarring.

Of course, many skincare brands have now turned to the use of natural ingredients. Why Salcura stands out from the rest is because the brand has also pioneered the use of colloidal solutions, which are formulas created to mimic the body's own fluid for easier absorption and therefore more effectiveness.

Wherever possible, Salcura avoids the use of synthetic products, offering a sustainable and long-term range of products that are kind to your body and the planet. Balanced, healthy skin is achievable when you rely on Salcura products to see you through.

You can browse the Salcura Natural Skin Therapy range online today at LookFantastic. Use Salcura products alone or together as a complete skincare and beauty regime - the choice is yours.

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