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The philosophy of Vita Liberata is simple: only a natural self tan formulation can achieve natural-looking results. For this reason, Vita Liberata uses only the finest organic ingredients and extracts in their gentle, yet effective, tan formulas. As the first toxin-free self-tan company, Vita Liberata are industry pioneers and continue to release impressive and cult-favorite products.

Unlike other self-tanning products on the market, Vita Liberata tanning products are fast-drying and odorless. Meaning your self-tan will be impossible to distinguish between a natural tan. Packed with hydrating and nourishing ingredients, Vita Liberata self-tanner has been created to feel weightless on your skin and to fade naturally with time, just as a natural suntan would. This ensures your self-tan requires minimum maintenance and does not become scaly or patchy as time goes on.

Aside from being free from parabens, alcohol, perfume, and harsh chemicals, Vita Liberata products are cruelty-free and are never tested on animals.

Unfortunately, not enough people are aware of the dangers of UV sun damage. Exposure to UV rays can cause the skin to age prematurely, become dry and dehydrated, and can increase the likelihood of an individual experiencing long-term health conditions. With self-tan, you eliminate these health and skin concerns and have more control over the depth and evenness of your tan.

Vita Liberata has developed a range of exceptional products, so no matter how you prefer to tan, from tanning mousse to tanning water, they will have a product for you. They have also created a number of products that combine self-tan and skincare, to ensure your skin is in the best condition possible to receive self-tan.

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