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Adding oils to your skin care regime may seem like a recipe for acne breakouts, but they provide a lot of benefits you can't ignore. Not only do oils keep your skin moisturized and smooth, but they can also improve your overall health and relax your mind. Oils absorb quickly and deeply into your skin, providing it with the nourishment it needs all day long. They also create a natural protective barrier that protects your skin from contaminants and toxins in your environment, leaving you with silky-smooth skin. Whether you have ultra-sensitive skin or dry skin, using oils ensures your skin gets what it needs to remain healthy and damage-free.

At lookfantastic, we have an extensive range of oils from leading brands such as Elemis, Mama Mio, Burt's Bees, JASON, and many more. Many of our oil products contain an array of different oils such as olive, coconut, and sweet almond that soothe and hydrate your skin while adding a radiant glow. A number of our oils also contain Vitamin E that leaves your skin looking firm. If you're looking to use oils in relaxation and aromatherapy practices, we have various oils that ease stress and restore calmness to your soul and body.

If you struggle with stretch marks during your pregnancy, why not try applying oil? Some oils have an advanced formula that reduces the appearance of stretch marks while protecting your skin from harsh external aggressors. These oils contain active ingredients that hydrate and smooth your skin. To promote supple skin throughout your pregnancy, apply our oils twice daily and massage in.

If you're tired of using lotions that leave your skin dry, applying oils after bathing is your best bet at hydrating your skin. We have a range of oils that lock in moisture, leaving your skin feeling revitalized and looking moisturized.

For smooth skin and a relaxed mind and body, shop our collection of oils.

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