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lookfantastic has created an extensive collection of lipsticks that will meet your every beauty need. Explore the amazing array today!

If you are looking for practical, everyday lipsticks, we have a wide selection of neutral colors. Many formulas now also include SPF, for added protection from the sun. For most people, everyday colors are also meant to last longer so you need not reapply, while some people prefer creamier formulas.

Neutral, everyday colors may be matte, glossy, shimmery, or shiny. Often they are less pigmented, to leave a more natural look color-wise. For dressing up, going glam, or getting wild, we also carry a selection of bold, vivid, and unusual colors! These are often heavily pigmented for dramatic effect and can be extra glossy or shimmery as well. You'll find these in long-wear formulas as well as creamier or glossier formulas that may require you to reapply.

Depending on your needs, many formulas have ingredients such as cinnamon to give a plumping effect. We also have moisturizing lipsticks if your lips tend to be on the drier side. And if your lips are sensitive, or you are just conscientious, we have many all-natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas available.

Traditionally, lipstick is sold in a twist-up tube. These formulas tend to be creamier and highly pigmented but not as long-lasting. Lipstick tubes with an included wand are often longer-lasting and can be super pigmented or less pigmented. Lipsticks that are sold in pots are usually the least pigmented and most glossy and may require a separate lip brush to apply precisely. Lip stains may resemble felt-tip markers, and often add only a small change of shade for a subtle look that lasts. Some brands even offer sets with lip liners or several shades, or dual-purpose color for lip and cheek. Whatever your makeup style, find the perfect lipstick at lookfantastic.

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