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Want a nail polish and care brand that stems from a genuine passion? Then you're looking for Lauren B beauty.

Lauren B Beauty is a nail couture brand unlike any other. Designed and created by a nail polish superfan, Lauren B Beauty products are the perfect choice for the busy modern woman or man. Offering manicures that dry fast, can last at least 2 weeks while remaining glossy and clip-free, as well as being delightfully vibrant in every shade, these nail products truly do it all.

Regarding polishes, there really is a color for everyone. From nudes to suit every skin tone to popping shades of the tropics, from glitzy glitters to pastel pinks, Lauren B beauty nail polishes offer choice no matter the occasion. There are many specialized ranges too, such as Bridal polishes and gift collections, that are tailored to a specific need and can help you shine.

Alongside color, Lauren B Beauty also stocks premium quality top and base coats too - so you can shop for your entire nail polish routine in one place. These base and top coats are quick-drying and long-lasting, providing the perfect surface or finish to any application of color. There's a choice of standard, gel, or UV activated coats too - so no matter what your preferred formula is, Lauren B Beauty offers it.

As well as nail colors and coats, you also have the luxury of browsing Lauren B Beauty's range of nail treatments. Cuticle treatments, manicure and pedicure kits, hand cleansing wipes, and nail growth serums are just a few of the many treatments you can expect to find. So regardless of your nail or hand concern, Lauren B Beauty is your go-to brand for the optimum solution.

You can shop Lauren B Beauty products online today here at lookfantastic.

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