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A glossy lip never goes out of fashion. The lookfantastic selection of lip glosses never goes out of fashion, either.

Curious where to begin with so many options? We can help! The main feature all lip glosses share is the glossy sheen they leave behind on your lips. The main differences in products are how much pigment they contain, what type of applicator they come in, how hydrating the formula is, and how long-lasting the glossy effect.

Some glosses also have other features, such as plumping, all-natural or organic ingredients, and cruelty-free or vegan formulas. These come in all types of applicator.

A standard lip gloss comes in a tube with a spongy wand included in the lid. These glosses are on the thicker side and have sheerer colors usually. Some formulas are long-lasting, while others are meant to be re-applied throughout the day by those who love the feeling of freshly applied gloss. Other formulas contain a bit more pigment, although not as much as a typical lipstick, although you can let the formula dry and add more to build on the color.

Other lip glosses come in a squeezable tube. These are a bit thicker than the kind with a wand tube. They often are not as long lasted and sheer in pigment, but can easily be applied throughout the day without even needing a mirror.

Lip oils are the thinnest and usually sheerest of the formulas, and also the most hydrating - and if they contain plumping ingredients - the most plumping. They may be in any type of packaging but are the only type to come with a rollerball applicator. These may be long-wear formulas, depending on your needs.

Other glosses can come as crayons and these are typically the most concentrated in pigment but least glossy. Often these resemble a glossy lipstick, as they are solid at room temperature like a lipstick.

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