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Bringing K-beauty to the Western world, STARSKIN is a cult-favorite skincare brand that makes professional-quality skincare products available for home use. From masks to creams, STARSKIN has developed an assortment of products that deliver instant and impressive results.

STARSKIN was created by duo Nicole Arnoldussen and Paul Hendriks in 2015. Arnoldussen saw STARSKIN as the perfect opportunity to put her 20+ years of experience in the beauty industry to practice and create products she knew would revolutionize the beauty world. Utilizing cutting-edge formulations and the latest innovations in skincare science, STARSKIN successfully created a range of products that delivered amazing results at an unprecedented speed.

All STARSKIN formulations are created with a 100% clean blend of natural, premium ingredients. The company cleverly combines ancient herbal technology with modern medical science to create professional-quality products that can be easily used at home.

Years before clean beauty skyrocketed into popularity, STARSKIN decided that they would only ever produce products that followed strict safety standards, standards that are now considered 'clean'. STARSKIN never include dangerous products in their skincare and only approve formulations that create powerful and effective skincare results.

STARSKIN are perhaps best-known for their sheetmasks. Sheetmasks have changed the skincare game as they provide a more efficient and effective vessel to carry a product. STARSKIN sheetmasks can be used as a skincare treat or be introduced into a regular skincare routine.

STARSKIN create non-water based products, meaning their skincare is never diluted or watered down, ensuring their customers get the best results from STARSKIN products possible. STARSKIN also choose to produce all of their products free from silicones. Based on her experience in the beauty industry, STARSKIN founder Arnoldussen realized that silicones can cause more harm for the skin than good, so she decided to promote the best skin health possible and avoid silicones.

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