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Founded in the early millennium in 2003, 3LAB is a skincare brand that was created to treat and perfect your skin. Creator and founder, Erica Chung, shows respect and integrity to all of her customers by producing a skincare range that gives real results. She understands that selling cosmetics that actually follow their promise builds lasting relationships, trust and a strong reputation.

3LAB blends beauty with science, ensuring every product that they offer is formulated to match a variety of skin types. A team of over 40 chemists see that 3LAB use high-grade botanical ingredients and progressive scientific technology that stands the test of time. With a state-of-the-art research and development team, 3LAB can ensure every product is manufactured to a high standard and that they never miss out on the best quality ingredients on the skincare market.

3LAB use apple stem cell technology, a method that uses skin cells from rare Swiss apples to help target aging skin by reducing the typical signs. They also use bio-engineered renewal complex in their anti-oxidant-rich ingredients to help nourish the skin. Browse the range today with LOOKFANTASTIC, an official stockist of 3LAB in the US.

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