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HD Brows

HD is a British beauty brand that aims to inspire the most confidence-boosting finishes. Founded in 2008 and ran by Karen Betts, her ethos is that brows are as unique and individual to us as our fingerprints. She believes that we deserve products that understand this and so created a whole makeup range to suit this understanding.

HD is a brand that helps you to create and maintain a salon-worthy brow right from the comfort of your own home. Cult icons include the Browtec, Brow Colorfix, and Brow Define products. Each is made to suit various hair colors to a finish of your choice – from soft, feathery, and natural to bold and confident. With their ease to use, these products will be shaping up as favorites in your makeup bag in no time.

What’s the point of a beautiful brow if the rest of your makeup routine fails to match it? – Long story short, there isn’t one. To ensure that the rest of your makeup pops, HD has extended its line to include flawless Fluid Foundations, luxurious Eyeshadow, and Lip Palettes.

At LookFantastic, we are proud to start you on your HD Brows brand journey. So, shop the HD Brows makeup range today.