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Looking for thicker, fuller-looking lips for every day or a special event? Look no further than the lookfantastic lip plumpers collection!

Lip plumpers come in many different varieties, from glosses to lipsticks to creams. Some lip plumpers are meant as stand-alone products, while others may be used beneath lipsticks. Other types are meant to slowly build lip plumpness over time with continued use.

For everyday use, a plumping gloss with lower pigment will give you that desired natural pouty look. If you have not recently tried a plumping gloss, you will be pleasantly surprised at how long today's formulas last and how much less sticky they are than the originals.

As implied, plumping lip glosses are shiny which may not fit your daytime style. Fortunately, there are also tube, cream, and jar lipsticks that offer varying degrees of pigment and a more matte finish, while still providing a great pout. These tend to last longer than plumping glosses, with a less dramatic plumping effect and more color. However, formulas can vary.

If you have a favorite lipstick already, yet still want to experience the fullness of a lip plumper, a plumping lip primer will do the trick. These are colorless, and may actually help your regular lipstick stay put longer as well. This is because they coat the skin and adhere to your lipstick, working in the same way as an eyeshadow primer or foundation primer.

For the longest-lasting effects, a lip plumping kit can stimulate collagen production to fill in the lip folds naturally, by infusing the lips with essential ingredients. Some kits are created for single-use, as well, making them a perfect accompaniment for a more glamourous look.

If you're looking for lip plumpers made with natural or organic ingredients or that are certified cruelty-free or fully vegan, browse the lookfantastic range today.

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