Lumene is a natural skincare brand from Finland, with wild-crafted, potent Nordic ingredients at the heart of our sustainable beauty products.We take our inspiration from the natural beauty of the Finnish landscape and the authenticity of the Nordic way of life: a region where a unique blend of resilience, mindfulness and harmony with nature is deeply rooted in everyday life. Despite the harsh climates of the northern longitudes, Nordic women are fresh-faced, radiant and healthy-looking. Following this Nordic approach to wellbeing and beauty, Lumene products promote the clarity, purity and luminosity of your skin.Inspired by Nordic women. Created with Finnish Nature. Born of Arctic Light.



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Inspired by the secrets of beautiful, fresh-faced Nordic women and made with natural, pure ingredients and light-charged actives, the Lumene skincare range is a treat for all the senses. From luxurious radiant night creams to hydrating lip treatments and instant illuminizers, their powerful beauty treatments are full of natural beauty boosters.

Named after the beautiful lake Lummenne in Finland, Lumene was founded in 1970 and has brought that unmissable Nordic Glow to women everywhere. Using Arctic spring water as well as native fruits, berries, tree saps, and plants, packed with nutrients and oxidants, Lumene brings the very finest Scandinavian beauty secrets to us all. Their iconic 'Arctic Lumenessence' formula has been adopted by beauty lovers around the world for glowing, healthy skin. They're also champions of sustainable, green beauty with a number of environmental initiatives, recycled packaging, and vegan collections.

Still based in Finland after 50 years, Lumene brings a fresh Scandinavian twist to a wide range of your favorite skincare products. At LOOKFANTASTIC, we are official Lumene stockists, and we love their powerful hydration creams and gels. If your skin is feeling dry or tired, Lumene's Nordic Hydra 24-hour moisturizer is the perfect soothing treat thanks to its unique intense hydration formulation.
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