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Developed in England, Cowshed is an award-winning and trusted brand for bath, body, and skincare products. Originating in 1998, Cowshed creates natural and honest products while remaining true to the British heritage. Initially, the brand was created for use in the original Cowshed Spa in Somerset. Today, Cowshed has expanded its range and continues to grow with spas across London, Miami, Berlin, and New York. Like their spas, their products have also evolved with better packaging that’s more sustainable, but their values haven’t changed. Cowshed still believes in making genuine products with therapeutic benefits that have a positive difference in your wellbeing.

The secret at the heart of Cowshed’s success is its personalized approach to skincare by using a plethora of products to suit different “moods.” The mood range is formulated with essential oils and wildcrafted plant extracts to enhance how you feel. So if you’re stressed and irritable, you can replenish with Grapefruit, Bitter Orange, or Red Mandarin. Or, if you’re feeling rundown and tired, you can boost your energy with Lemongrass and Rosemary from the active range. These unique formulations cater to your needs with scents that enhance your mood and ingredients that make a difference.

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