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For premium pomades, beard oil, and other men's grooming products, look no further than Uppercut Deluxe.

As an Australian-born brand that's since dominated around the world, Uppercut Deluxe is the definition of a seamless combination of both modernism and the traditions of iconic 1950s barbershops. The brand's founders, Luke Newman and Steve Purcell, were inspired to create Uppercut Deluxe after spotting a need for high-quality, down-to-earth men's grooming products that deliver big punches without the smoke and mirrors.

Since the creation of Uppercut Deluxe's first product, the Deluxe Pomade, the brand has expanded incredibly into a full range of products that epitomizes well-done barbering at its finest. From shampoos and conditioners to hair treatments and oils, from shave kits and tools to its own line of apparel, Uppercut Deluxe truly has transformed the men's hair and beard care industry.

The iconic packaging of Uppercut Deluxe could never be mistaken - the bold red, black, and white color scheme, the homage to Newman's boxer grandfather Willy "Uppercut" O'Shea, whose hardworking ethos reinforced the backbone of the brand - it's an unbeatable combination.

Uppercut Deluxe products are suitable for all hair types and concerns so, whether you're seeking to combat dry, limp hair or a flaky, itchy beard, whether you have a sensitive scalp or a breakout-prone chin, Uppercut Deluxe boasts effective products with effective solutions.

Uppercut Deluxe products are often infused with a woody tobacco fragrance to really nail that 1950s barbershop appeal. You'll be transported back to the golden times with every product use!

From lightweight drops and silky creams to heavier lotions, there is a range of application formulas to suit any man and every man. Quick absorption and long-lasting, Uppercut Deluxe's array of products prove to be reliable with a long shelf life. You can shop the range here at lookfantastic.

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