Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

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Using harsh products and treatments on your hair can cause damage that can be restored with our thinning hair and hair loss range. Although thinning hair can be hereditary, lifestyle factors are a key contributor to losing hair gradually. This includes the excessive use of perms, relaxers, and color treatments. That's why it's vital to use thickening treatments to give your hair a fuller look and feel. Whether hormonal changes, poor diet, or stress is the cause of your hair loss, thickening treatments can nourish your scalp, stimulating natural hair growth.

At lookfantastic, we have a vast collection of hair treatments for thinning hair and hair loss, including scalp masks, shampoos, toners, and supplements from leading brands such as Grow Gorgeous, Philip Kingsley, Nanogen, The Ordinary, and many more. Our thinning hair and hair loss treatments contain several ingredients such as biotin, amino acids, and caffeine, which nourish your scalp and restore the foundation of healthy hair.

Our treatments also add moisture to your scalp and encourage luster and shine, breathing air into brittle, dull hair. We have treatments for both men and women looking to overcome thinning hair and hair loss. No matter your hair type, we have a thickening treatment that can work for you.

Thinning hair and hair loss can result in baldness, and while it may seem like you have no way out, using thinning hair shampoo can give your scalp and follicles the nourishing it needs to strengthen fragile and weak strands. As for colorants, using thinning hair shampoo and conditioner acts as a protective coating around your hair, defending it against dullness and dryness. Our products for color-treated hair cater for normal to thick hair by hydrating and softening your hair, maintaining color vibrancy.

To restore your natural hair growth and thicken your hair for a fuller, healthier look and feel, shop our thinning hair and hair loss treatments.

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