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When you set about refining your grooming regime, there's a number of different options to take into consideration: your choice of razor, shaving cream, pre-shave oil, shaving brush, aftershave and more. And to achieve a flawless, safe and quality shave, it's important to have the proper products to prevent redness, nicks and razor bumps. That's why e-Shave has created a wide variety of high-quality, state-of-the-art products to ensure you'll have the perfect shave every time.

At lookfantastic, we offer a mix of e-Shave products that are necessities when it comes to achieving a great home shave. The e-Shave 5 Blade Razor is perfectly designed to allow for a close, comfortable shave that won't pull the hair or cause any irritation. The 5 Blade Razor is easy to use and has a sturdy handle that will allow you to access the harder-to-reach areas that require a delicate touch for a simple and smooth shave.

Instead of worrying about evenly distributing shaving cream with your hands, while trying to ensure you've covered all of your face, try a long-handled shaving brush. This will help you prepare for an all-round great shave by allowing you to evenly spread shaving cream for a close shave without any irritation. Many e-Shave shaving brushes are carefully crafted with 100 percent badger hair to help exfoliate the skin and lift up the hair for an easy shave. Badger hair helps to retain water which will help keep your face moisturized.

e-Shave also offers products to help keep your shaving equipment in perfect condition so it's always ready when you need to shave, such as a stand to hold both your razor and shave brush. This will maintain your razor and allow your brush to dry and prepare for its next use.

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