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When you have oily hair, your hair follicles produce a higher amount of sebum (grease) than is required. This, coupled with the oils your scalp produces, collects on your roots, making your hair look dirty. Although oil is essential in hydrating your scalp and protecting your hair, higher production means more frequent washes to get rid of the greasiness. Shampoos can clean your oily and greasy hair, but harsh products strip it of its natural oils, causing dry, brittle hair.

At lookfantastic, you can find a range of subtle, lightweight, and hair-friendly shampoos from leading brands such as Giovanni, Philip Kingsley, Nanogen and many more. Our oily and greasy products are formulated to get rid of the excess natural oils your hair produces without stripping it of natural and essential hydration. No matter your hair type, our shampoos for oily and greasy hair balance oiliness while maintaining your hair's natural hydration.

If you have oily hair, you're more likely to develop dandruff. So, why not try an oily and greasy hair shampoo that can eliminate flakes and a dry scalp? Greasy dandruff can weigh down your hair and cause itchiness and irritability. Our shampoo products help relieve this itchiness and soothe and calm your greasy scalp.

Oily and greasy hair can also make your hair appear dull, lifeless, and flat. Our shampoos breathe life into your greasy hair, cleansing your roots and tips. This rehydrates your dry hair protecting it from damaged ends and further splits. To make your hair appear fuller, shinier, and easier to manage, we have a range of shampoos specially formulated for greasy hair.

Oily hair follicles are more susceptible to damage, but using conditioner can give your hair the moisture it needs. We have lightweight conditioners designed to protect and strengthen oily hair.

For shiny, clean, and manageable hair, shop our collection of oily and greasy hair shampoos and conditioners now.

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