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When it comes to face, hand, and foot masks, you deserve the best. A bad face mask could throw your entire routine off. If you have concerns over quality facemasks, Skimono is the high-quality and innovative brand you've been looking for.

Initially inspired by the ritual of wearing a Kimono, done when you want to look your very best, Skimono's products give you the results that you've been searching for while bringing enjoyment back into your skincare routine.

Skimono make good use of bio-cellulose technology, a unique technology designed to hold significantly more serum between the nano-fibers that the masks are constructed from. This makes the mask incredibly effective, due to the amount of serum that is held firmly to your skin by the bio-cellulose technology.

This innovative company doesn't just offer face masks either. Skimono also offers hand masks with an aloe vera enriched serum, designed to solve issues such as skin dryness and eczema. The innovative serum helps your skin to absorb more moisture, leading to far softer and healthier skin. Skimono's foot masks do the same work for the skin on our feet, arguably the most ignored part of any skincare routine.

Skimono don't just protect your skin, but the environment too. Their facilities are zero-carbon, running on solar energy with recycled rainwater systems. Along with this and the company's support for recycling, their products are cruelty-free, in order to develop great benefits for you without having negative effects on the world we live in.

If you're looking for a new facemask provider, or want to expand your routine to include your feet and hands, look for Skimono on LookFantastic.

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