Sylvie Chantecaille launched her namesake company with daughter Olivia in 1998. Together they pioneered a new landscape of natural beauty with products powered by high concentrations of pure botanicals and soothing, plant-based ingredients—the basis of a global brand that the entire Chantecaille family now collaborates on. 

Today, Chantecaille continues to fuse naturals with forward-thinking science to supercharge the effectiveness of our skincare, fragrance and nourishing color formulas. Working with laboratories across the globe, their uncompromising demand for quality yields the superior textures, brilliant colors and revolutionary formulas that the company has become known for.



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Founded by the mother-daughter duo Sylvie and Olivia Chantecaille, Chantecaille is a skincare brand famed for its pure botanical skincare products that help women feel and look beautiful in their own skin. Originally, Chantecaille launched as a niche French fragrance line, featuring four original scents made with natural essential oils. Now, however, the brand has expanded to include numerous products that target multiple concerns, including facial lines, dullness, redness, and wrinkles. Some of the brand's products include toners, cleansers, makeup, body care, and masks. Chantecaille aims to create products that hydrate and rejuvenate skin to make you feel better in your own complexion.

The secret behind Chantecaille's success is botanical ingredients. The brand harnesses the power of botanicals to design products that nourish and protect the skin while making your skin look vibrant and healthy. The unique formulations of Chantecaille products are scientifically proven and free from harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances.

Some of the brand's best-selling products include Pure Rosewater, a hydrating, refreshing, and uplifting spray; Bio Lifting Mask, a rich mask that softens the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles; and their Bio Lifting Cream, an age-defying hydrating cream. Browse the range at LOOKFANTASTIC, the official stockist of Chantecaille in the US.
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