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Dr. Hauschka is a certified natural and organic skin care and cosmetics brand, with their products designed to activate your own skin's functions for a healthy complexion. Not only do Dr. Hauschka products contain medicinal plants that invigorate your skin, but they also are free from fragrances, preservatives, and parabens, making them ideal for everyday wear. With Dr. Hauschka products, you can take a holistic approach to your skin care and makeup routine, protecting and soothing your complexion.

At lookfantastic, we have a vast collection of the best Dr. Hauschka skin care products for every skin type so that you can select a product ideal for your complexion. Many of our Dr. Hauschka products are infused with plant extracts such as oat, sage, carrot, and Anthyllis that work to transform your skin, revealing a radiant and soft complexion. We also have Dr. Hauschka products formulated with essential oils such as rosemary, jojoba, and rose to calm and comfort your skin, leaving the body feeling supple and smooth.

If you have sensitive skin, we have several Dr. Hauschka skin care products specially formulated to give your skin what it needs without weighing it down. Many of the products in this range feature a talc-free formula to prevent irritation while soothing your skin. These products work to rebalance, soothe, and protect your skin for the ultimate shine. For best results, use on dry skin after bathing.

If you're looking for a lip product that protects them from elements, why not try a Dr. Hauschka lip product? The lip area has delicate skin that needs extra TLC to enhance shine. A number of our Dr. Hauschka lip products contain a subtle formula to protect your lips from external aggressors while preventing dryness. Apply to your lips as often as needed.

For natural and organic skin care products, shop our collection of Dr. Hauschka now.

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