About the Brand

Australia’s premium clean beauty brand, Grown Alchemist, was founded by twobrothers, Keston and JeremyMuijs, over twenty years ago. Grown Alchemist is built on a profound understanding of the connection between the health inside your body, and the story told through your skin.

Grown Alchemist is leading the charge in a new generation of biologically advanced nutricosmetics, skincare, body care, haircare and treatments all designed to treat the skin from the inside out and outside in.Our products work in synchronicity with the skin: restoring skin function, detoxing the dermis, then activating skin function using the latest natural cell-communicating ingredients such asNeuro-Peptides and Tetra-Peptides. The brand ethos has been backed by the creation of clean, 100% natural, environmentally friendly, vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free product offerings, with accreditations by the EWG (Environmental Working Groups), Think Dirty, ACO (Australian Certified Organic), SCA (SAFE Cosmetics Australia), and Positive Luxury.