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When you shampoo your hair to remove any dead skin cells, sweat, and hair products, you also strip it of its natural oils. This can leave it feeling dry, limp, and dehydrated, which is why it's essential to follow up with Conditioner. Conditioners contain humectants, oils, and fatty acids that can make your hair soft, flexible, and easier to manage while protecting it from damage. When choosing a conditioner, it's important to consider your hair and skin type so that you can give your hair exactly what it needs without weighing it down or depriving it of adequate hydration.

At lookfantastic, we have a fabulous collection of the best hair conditioners on the market from leading brands such as Garnier, Olaplex, Grow Gorgeous, and many, many more. Our hair conditioners contain a whole host of hair-loving ingredients, including shea butter, manuka honey, yogurt, and argan oil. No matter what your hair type may be, we have the conditioning product for you.

If you struggle with oily hair, applying conditioner might seem like the wrong move, but it's important to add a shot of hydration to avoid the follicle damage that can result from frequent shampooing. To make sure that your hair gets the hydration it needs without weighing it down, we have several lightweight conditioning products that are formulated specifically for oily hair.

If you are on the other end of the hair spectrum and have particularly dry hair, why not try a hair mask? These rich conditioning products are designed to be left on the hair for a few minutes at a time to work their magic, leaving the hair feeling intensely moisturized, shiny, and easy to manage.

For glossy, healthy, and more manageable hair, shop our collection of hair conditioners now.

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