Lookfantastic Magazine: The Fall Edition

2018-09-12 18:16:32By Brooklyn


Redken Brews: Style Control for Men

Hairstyle-conscious lovers rejoice! No more need to choose between smashing style or healthy hair. With Redken Brews you can accomplish both!

2018-01-16 22:29:07By Jessica


Why Thanksgiving Dinner Is Great For Your Skin

Some elements of your thanksgiving dinner provide an array of incredible vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining gorgeous, glowing skin.

2017-10-27 08:49:23By Lydia


It's Here: The lookfantastic Advent Calendar

What better way is there to count down to Christmas than with the ultimate beauty advent calendar? Pre-order yours now.

2017-09-24 13:54:35By Lydia


Why Kérastase's Fusio-Dose Treatment Is The Boost Your Hair Needs

Find out what makes the Kérastase Fusio-Dose Treatment so very special and how it can transform your hair.

2017-09-04 07:00:18By Jessica


Best Highlighter Palette For A Radiant, Glowing Complexion

If you want that lit-from-within glowing complexion that will have people constantly telling you that your skin looks gorgeous and radiant. You need a highlighter palette. A good illuminator (also known as highlighter or luminizer) will add and reflect light off your face offering you dewy, healthy and younger looking skin. Adding light and radiance to the appropriate places will enhance your features and make them look more pronounced.

2017-09-02 10:00:23By Lucinka Hodnett


What Is The This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray?

Struggling to fall asleep can be frustrating and can have a detrimental impact on your health. It’s important to ensure that you’re getting enough sleep in order to support your mental and physical health, as well as ensuring that you’re feeling refreshed each morning, ready to take on the day.

2017-08-23 10:58:33By Lydia


An Introduction to: Matrix Biolage R.A.W.

The Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Collection has been formulated with botanical ingredients bursting with goodness to nourish, add shine and keep your hair beautifully soft and healthy.

2017-07-09 15:55:39By Emma


An Introduction To: Kérastase Elixir Ultime

Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime collection is the ultimate in haircare luxury, made with the finest and most precious oils to protect and perfect your hair. Find out why we love it!

2017-07-09 15:08:32By Emma


An Introduction to: Redken All Soft

For supreme softness and beautiful nourishment, the Redken All Soft collection will become your new hair best friend.

2017-07-09 10:07:22By Emma


An Introduction to: Baxter of California

Designed with precision, style and modern thinking, each Baxter of California product gives the best possible results for male skin.

2017-07-08 16:39:47By Emma


An Introduction to: Decléor

As the pioneers of aromatherapy skincare, DECLÉOR harnesses the natural power of essential oils & scientific expertise to deliver powerful skincare. DECLÉOR brings results to skin at spa and at home.

2017-07-07 09:35:35By Emma