Runway Makeup-the Fashion Week Beauty Roundup

What runway makeup trends will be hitting the streets? We've got the low-down right here!

2018-02-16 09:00:26By Jasmyne

Body Care

Single on Valentine’s Day, The Treat Yourself Guide

2018-02-05 11:30:35By Jasmyne


Beauty Tips for Spring: Adding that "Pop" of Color to Your Routine

Use these beauty tips to add that "pop" of color to your Spring look!

2018-02-04 08:00:12By Jessica


How to Contour for Your Face Shape: Contour Steps Tailored to You

What are the steps to using contour makeup? Glad you asked. The thing with contouring is that while it’s a universal principle, it is individually applied, and a lot of that how-to depends on your face shape. The basic rule of contouring is dark recedes, light enhances. So think about the high point of your face as the place you’ll highlight, and the others you’ll contour.

2018-01-31 09:00:29By Jessica


Tips to Reveal Your Natural Beauty

Hey you, if nobody has told you in a while, you’re beautiful. Yes, you.

2018-01-27 09:00:36By Jasmyne


Beauty Minimalist: How to Simplify Your Beauty Routine

If it hasn’t happened yet, there will come a morning where you realize all too late you’re short on time. Now is the time to embrace the minimalist’s practice of simplifying your beauty routine in the inevitable event you find yourself in a pinch.

2018-01-23 09:00:27By Jessica


Party Makeup Look For New Year's Eve Day

It's never too early to start the party on New Year's eve. Discover our favorite makeup looks for New Year's Eve day to take you from day to night.

2017-12-12 14:03:03By Lydia


Party Makeup: Everything You Need For That Holiday Glow

The holidays are nearly here, so it's time to start finding inspiration for your party makeup. Follow our expert guide to ensure that you're the belle of the ball.

2017-11-20 08:12:55By Lydia


Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Makeup Tutorial

If you're looking for the perfect holiday makeup look, then look no further. Our tutorial will help you achieve the perfect look for Christmas.

2017-11-14 07:10:49By Lydia


The Perfect Glitter Eyeshadow Look For The Holidays

Glitter eyeshadow are perfect for the holiday season. Follow our expert guide to glitzy, glimmering eye makeup.

2017-11-09 13:08:37By Lucinka


The Best Christmas Makeup Looks For 2017

When it comes to Christmas makeup, it feels as though there’s an unwritten rule to rock red during the holiday season. Follow our expert tips for the ultimate Holiday makeup.

2017-11-06 11:15:39By Lucinka


Makeup Inspiration For A Thanksgiving Celebration

In true thanksgiving spirit this makeup is based around Fall shades so get ready to see a lot of purples and oranges. These earthy colors are so flattering and in keeping with the season- just what you need to complete your look.

2017-11-03 10:27:49By Lucinka