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Sleeping 101: How Sleeping Positions Affect Your Health and Skin

Sleeping 101: How Sleeping Positions Affect Your Health and Skin
Team LF
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It's always nice when you get a good night's rest. Waking up energized and ready for the day ahead is a good feeling, but have you ever woken up feeling not-so-good? Did you ever think that that could be related to the way you slept the night before? And we don't mean how long you were or weren't dreaming. We're talking about sleeping positions.

What are some of the best sleeping positions for you?

Sleeping positions affect the way my body feels? Yup. Aside from those nights you might slide a little too far down your pillow and wake up with a crook in your neck, there are other things that sleeping wrong can do to your body.

So here is the low-down on what your body is doing when you sleep. Everyone from belly-sleepers to back-sleepers.

Sleeping position: On your belly

According to WebMD specialists, if this is your favorite sleeping position, you may be more likely to toss and turn all night long. Aside from that did you ever think how it may affect your skin?

Not saying its huge, but your head has weight, sleeping in this position is the equivalent to put a seven-pound weight on your face. That weight on your face for those several hours not only prevents your skin from breathing but can also tug on your facial skin which ultimately can contribute to sagging skin and wrinkles. *gasp*

Sleeping on your belly is overall the worst position you could choose for your health.

Sleeping position: Back sleeper aka the best sleeping position

If you've ever wondered if you snore, do you like sleeping on your back? You just might be guilty. Apart from this being the sleeping position most likely to provoke snoring, you could be doing ill-will to your back. Sleeping like this could cause back pain, especially lower back pain.

If you know you're a snorer or suffer from sleep apnea, sleeping on your back could make it worse. Tried sleeping a different way, but can't get comfortable? It may be time to consult a doctor about things that might help.

All snoring aside, this overall is the best sleeping position. As far as your skin is concerned, this is also the best! There's no excess weight on your facial skin, and your skin can breathe!

Sleeping position: Side sleeper aka the fetal position

If you like to sleep on your side, congratulations for picking the second-best sleeping position for your health.

Believe it or not, left or right matters. If heartburn is an issue for you, steer away from sleeping on your right. For those of you who may experience acid reflux, sleeping on your left may be most beneficial. Because while sleeping on your left can put a strain on your lungs, liver, and stomach at the same time this helps reduce acid reflux.

However, fetal position sleepers beware. While this sleeping position may feel comforting in the moment, sleeping like this can lead to neck and back pain as the head tilts down and the neck is not fully supported.

Plus all of that, when it comes to skin, gravity plays a significant part. Side-sleeping contributes to wrinkles and sagging breasts. Not a fan of wrinkles? Try sleeping on your back with proper pillow support for your lower back and neck.

Who knew that there was a proper way to getting your beauty sleep! Remember, you don't have to keep settling for restless sleep. Being aware of the best sleeping positions for your body and needs can really elevate your sleep quality and give you a better day.

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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