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Why does Illamasqua love festival season?

Why does Illamasqua love festival season?
Team LF
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Inspried by the 1920s Berlin theatre scene, Illamaqua is a premium makeup brand which offers professional cosmetics used by many makeup artists. The brand empowers you to reveal your individuality with their innovative formulas which are highly pigmented.

Illamasqua is 100% cruelty free and all of their products are suitable for vegan's! Being such an inclusive brand is one reason we love them so much.

As Coachella is in full swing, we caught up with Nilly, Illamasqua's Head of Artistry & School of Make-Up Art, who told us what makes Illamasqua such an amazing brand and why the festival season is so important to them as a brand.

How did you begin your career in the beauty industry?
My career in beauty began 9 years ago when I started working on a beauty counter alongside studying for my Special Effects degree. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of transformation which is why I studied Special Effects and animatronics. I soon realised that the power beauty has on transforming real-life people was way more exciting to me than special effect make-up so I continued down the path of beauty. I was able to grow my career in make-up by actively working in fashion, editorial, music videos and anything else I could get involved in. I have been with Illamasqua for 7 years and am now Head of Artistry & School of Make-Up Art.
Why is the festival season so important to Illamasqua?
Festival time is when Illamasqua’s brand value of Human Fundamentalism truly come to life. The exploration of individual is the core pillar of what we stand for and this can be seen in the form of ‘style tribes’ that storm the desert grounds at festivals. With many festivals now spotlighting human and eco issues, Illamasqua continues to pioneer creativity and self-expression with a strong voice of tolerance and anti-cruelty (with more and more vegan products being added to the list). From the Casual Cali Hippie to the Neo-goth, Illamasqua’s range of highly-pigmented element-resistant make-up will ensure you’re festival ready from sunrise to…sunrise again.
What look would you recommend sporting at a festival?
A flawless low-maintenance skin is a the most essential part of any festival make-up. Our award winning Hydra Veil is a part primer – part hydrator which keeps your skins hydration level topped up throughout the day, resulting in a long-lasting foundation. When out in the sun, try mixing equal parts Hydra Veil and Skin Base Foundation in your chosen shade and lightly blend into the skin for a translucent finish. Finish with Pure Pigment in Static (a translucent pink) pressed into the high points for an other-worldly highlight which is sure to pop no matter what time of day. Our Antimatter collection is the ideal choice for lip inspiration with its customisable range of shades and semi-matte cushioned finish, leaving you with an opaque coverage whilst comfortable and non-drying. For those who like to make a statement, try using our Precision Ink Liners –which are 100% waterproof – to create graphic facial adornments to finish your look.  

Experiment with you makeup routine with Illamasqua’s help and discover their whole range!

Team LF
Writer and expert
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