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Which Pureology Shampoo Should I Use? | LOOKFANTASTIC

Which Pureology Shampoo Should I Use? | LOOKFANTASTIC
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Pureology was founded in California in 2001 and has since become the number one brand for color care in the USA. Pureology is based on the simple idea that color treated hair requires more than just color protection and provides color-treated hair with a bespoke regime of care with a collection of customized shampoos, conditioners and treatments as well as remaining vegan and sustainable and to minimize their impact on the environment. So if you’ve got colored hair in need of a little nourishment, discover which Pureology conditioning shampoo is right for you.

Dry Hair

If your colored hair is in need of a boost of moisture, then the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo is perfect for you. The highly concentrated, ZeroSulfate formula gently cleanses away dirt and impurities while Pureology’s AnitFadeComplex protects the vibrancy of your colored hair. Your hair will be left feeling gorgeously moisturized, soft and manageable and smelling of a luxurious blend of natural plantextracts, including, Rose, Sandalwood and GreenTea.

Frizzy Hair

If you’re looking to tame rebellious, frizzy hair while protecting your color, then the Pureology Smooth Perfectioncollection is the perfect solution for you. The sulfate-freeformula has been developed to gentlycleanse the hair to remove excessoil, dirt and impurities while the Pureology AntiFade Complex helps to prevent color fading, with broad-spectrum UV protection to leave you with vibrant, healthy locks.

The lightweight Pureology shampoo boasts an expert blend of CamelliaOil, SesameOil and SheaButter to smooth frizz-prone hair, leaving you with super sleek, smooth and shiny locks, while the intoxicating blend of violet, clove and musk will linger in your locks for gorgeous-smelling hair. Simply follow with the Pureology Smooth Perfection Conditioner and treatments for smooth, shining hair.

Damaged Hair

If your colored hair is feeling damaged and in need of a boost, then the Pureology Strength Cure collection is the one for you. The antioxidant-rich formula expertly cleanses the hair, lifting away impurities and dulling residues from the scalp while working to strengthen each strand of hair for stronger, more resilient locks.

The delectable blend of lavender, honey,peach and vanilla consume the senses for a truly relaxing, delightful experience that will awaken the senses and leave your hair looking strong, shiny and radiant.

Curly Hair

Invigorate your curls with the Pureology Curl Complete collection. Curly hair requires more moisture than most hair types, which is why the entire Pureology Curl Complete collection is infused with Coconut oil to re-substance the hair fiber to reduce frizz and breakage while replenishing moisture and reviving the shape of your gorgeous curls.

Dull Hair

Add some life to dull hair with the award-winning Pureology Nano Works collection. The luxurious collection of treatments work to protect, nourish and protect colored hair. The exquisite blend of GoldenMarulaOil and Keravis work to strengthen and nourish the hair to restore youth, suppleness and shine, leaving behind an enticing scent of jasmine, vanillarose and amber.

Fine Hair

If you’re looking to add a boost to your fine, color-treated hair, then the Pureology Clean Volume Shampoo is the perfect Pureology shampoo for you. The gentle formula cleanses away dirt and impurities from the hair, eliminating product build up, while boosting the hair for a voluminous appearance.

The blend of AloeWater, SoyProtein work to add volume and moisture to the hair, while Pureology’s AntiFadecomplex fortifies the hair to protect your color, leaving it looking vibrant, shiny and full of volume.

Writer and expert
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