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Bikini Season Must-Haves

Bikini Season Must-Haves

July has just started, and bikini/beach season is here! 

You got everything? Sunscreen? Glasses? Bikini? You?

Oh, if you mind is on summer but your body is still a winter bod, we have the perfect arsenal for tackling bikini season so that you don’t miss out when the sun’s out!

The Perfect V – TPV VANICURE Essentials Kit

One of the most important areas to take care of is your V area. And what better way than The Perfect V Essentials kit? 

The ultimate pampering regimen for a woman’s most sensitive area, prep for an upcoming beach day with this collection of wipes, creams, and exfoliants for a smoother V when a getaway trip comes up. 

Acorelle Royal Wax Underarms, Bikini Line and Face Beeswax

Okay, before you panic, you don’t need to wax anything if you don’t want to. But for a smooth feel and look, getting a mini wax kit like this one from Acroelle would save you a trip (and some money) to the salon. 

Magnitone London Go Bare! Rechargeable Mini Lady Shaver

If you are anti-wax, but not anti-bare legs, may we suggest a less intense alternative? How about this cute as heck mini Lady shaver from Magnitone? 

Small, compact, and packing a punch, this adorable little shaver will bring out your inner mermaid without the need for a wax treatment

MineTan Workout Ready Gradual Tan Foam

If the harsh winter chill and cloudy spring days made you look like a ghost, then it’s time to take tanning into your own hands. Skip the risk of skin damage by applying a gradual self tanner, like this little number from MineTan. Infused with a golden glow that won’t sweat off, you’re guaranteed to have long-lasting, even and seamless color before you surf and turf. 

Enjoy bikini season! 

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