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How To Curl Your Hair For Big, Bouncing Curls

How To Curl Your Hair For Big, Bouncing Curls

Beautiful, cascading curls is the perfect hairstyle to take you from day to night. If you’ve not got naturally curly, bouncing hair, then worry not – we’ll explain how to curl your hair for the ultimate princess curls.

How To Curl Your Hair : Step By Step Guide

Step 1

Before drying your hair, apply a generous amount of the SHOW Beauty Couture Curl Enhancing Lotion. This gorgeous lotion has been designed to define your curls and nourish your hair, giving your hair effortless volume and bounce.

Then, spritz your hair with the Kérastase Discipline Fluidissime Spray to protect your hair from heat, frizz and


Step 2

Using a round brush and your favorite hair dryer (we love the T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer), dry your hair in sections. To ensure you get a smooth, shiny finish, always point the nozzle of your dryer down towards the ends of your hair. This will ensure the cuticle lies flat, giving you a frizz-free finish.

Step 3

After your locks are dry and super-sleek, it’s time to move onto the fun part! Start by sectioning your hair, taking the top half of your hair and clipping it up using sectioning clips.

Starting on the left hand side of your hair, take your T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand in your right hand and reach over the top of your head, pointing it downwards. Wrap a section of your hair tightly around the wand, making sure that the first wrap is away from your face.

Hold this for a few seconds before releasing the section of hair, then hold the curl in a flat hand until it’s cooled slightly.

Holding the curl while it cools is a super-important step to ensure your curl stays in place and is truly defined.

Continue to do this until all of your hair is full of bouncing curls. If you prefer a slightly softer look, wrap the front sections of your hair round the curling iron a little more loosely than the other sections.

Step 4

Set your gorgeous curls with the Joico Joifix Firm Hold spray to set all of your hard work in place.

And there we have it, the ultimate tutorial on how to curl your hair! Experiment with different curls and textures by simply switching up the angle of the curling iron.



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