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How NEOM’s Wellbeing Mini Pod Can Help With Mindfulness

How NEOM’s Wellbeing Mini Pod Can Help With Mindfulness
Alice Macfarlane
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Whilst many of us are counting down the days until restrictions are completely lifted and we can resume some normality, it goes without saying that adjusting back into our pre-covid lifestyle is going to be a big change.

Over the last year, remaining indoors and only socializing with your immediate household, or speaking with people online became the norm.

We have had more me-time than ever before, and although, for the most part, we are eager to return to social situations, this change can also heighten anxiety for many - something that wellbeing brand NEOM intend to help relieve.

Even if you have never experienced anxiety before, the relaxed pace of our lockdown lifestyles has made many people reluctant to return to our busy schedules with work and social responsibilities.

If you are feeling this way, then you are certainly not alone. In fact, up to 32% of us are fearful for the future as a result of the pandemic.*  

Whether it’s a warm bubble bath, doing an activity you love, or setting time aside to do your beauty routine, self-care can take many different forms, and is a great way of minimizing stress. We spoke to the wellbeing experts at NEOM who introduced us to their new Wellbeing Mini Pod, exclusive to LOOKFANTASTIC, and shared how it can help to relieve anxiety, as well as giving us their top tips to prevent stress in daily life.

NEOM Wellbeing Mini Pod 

Aromatherapy, using plant and flower oil extracts, is a great natural remedy to help combat stress and relieve anxiety. It works by triggering your olfactory senses which in turn are connected to your brain, the pleasant scent then promotes the release of feel-good hormones.** 

Designed to lift your mood, help you sleep and relieve stress at the touch of a button, NEOM’s new Wellbeing Mini Pod is an essential oil diffuser for small spaces. Whether you need relief in your office, the car, your bathroom or small bedroom, this travel sized pod was created specifically for comfort at home or on the go.  

How to use the NEOM Wellbeing Pod Mini 

To release the relaxing vapors, simply attach your favorite NEOM Essential Oil Blend. Using cold fusion technology, the essential oil is converted into micro-fine vapor without using heat or water and released into the atmosphere to stimulate your senses and boost your wellbeing.  



How does it help relieve anxiety? 

The NEOM Wellbeing Pod Mini fills the air with the 100% natural pure essential oils, so you can breathe in the goodness of the precious and potent essential oils. NEOM has 16 essential oil blends in their range, of which seven have been expertly blended to help you stress less and feel calm and relaxed.

Top tips to help keep calm 

“Switch it all off” 

“There are opinions expectations, alerts, notifications, apps, perspectives and oh-so much more, which flood our senses and our headspace with everything that’s outside of us. In order to switch back into who we are, we need to learn to switch off all that external chatter. We can do this by creating moments of quietude throughout the day, by leaning into spells of silence and actively looking for the stillness that existed in a pre-smartphone era.” Jayne Hardy, CEO Blurt Foundation 

Write it down 

“One of the most useful things you can do to combat stress and anxiety is to keep a running record of your thoughts on paper. There’s simply no better way to learn about your thoughts than to write them down.” Barbara Markway, Psychologist 

Take a bath 

“Baths - in 10 mins I can create a calm zone in my bathroom and I honestly emerge feeling like I’ve done a personal reboot. I use the Real Luxury Candle and Bath Foam as a minimum, the oils get to work fast. Followed by the incredible de-stressing Real Luxury Magnesium Body Butter (magnesium works a treat for stress) and a good book.” Nicola Elliott, Founder, NEOM.

Ignore your inner critic 

“Watch out for that inner critic. Notice how you are feeling and what you are telling yourself. Step back from the thought and recognize how it’s impacting on you. This could be… I shouldn’t be feeling this way, berating or blaming yourself for something that’s happened. This may be more likely to happen when under pressure.” Dr. Emma Hepburn, Clinical Psychologist 

Create a routine 

Get an anchor habit. These habits help by acting as a constant support in times of uncertainty. They can be reliable routines, such as taking daily exercise, a hobby or speaking with a friend.” Dr. Frances Dodd, Occupational Psychologist. 

Discover the full NEOM range at LOOKFANTASTIC.  

*YouGov 2020 survey ‘How is Covid-19 affecting British opinions, jobs and wellbeing’ 

**Aromatherapy for Stress and Anxiety ( 

Alice Macfarlane
Writer and expert
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