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Get Healthy Hair with Hair Products Infused with Skincare Magic

Get Healthy Hair with Hair Products Infused with Skincare Magic
Team LF
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Listen up! Hair care is getting a makeover. Think about your hair care regime, what does it consist of? For most of us, it's probably little more than drugstore shampoo and conditioner—and if we're really reaching for the bar—a deep conditioner...when we think about it...which is basically never.

How do you maintain healthy hair?

The secret to a healthy head of hair may be hiding in your coveted night cream or skin serum. If that claim sounds a little mad, it may be because it's madly genius.

As fate would have it, our usual haphazard effort in caring for our hair is not enough for product developers. Hair masks and serums came about by the explosion of Korean beauty, and we couldn't be more excited!

Need help navigating where your routine is lacking? We've got your back! Here are some products created with the same love and attention our coveted skincare was made with.


If you think the name of this product sounds slightly familiar, you would be right! Ever used micellar water? Guess what? That's exactly what's in this shampoo! Now you can have all the powers of a micellar water for your hair as well! Micellar water attracts dirt and oil and lifts impurities without stripping the hair of its natural nutrients and oils.

What's brilliant about this shampoo is Kératase took the cleansing wonder powers of micellar water and put them in a formula made of 96% natural origin ingredients including Samoan coconut oil and Moroccan argan oil.


Surprise, surprise! Your hair strands have a hair serum customized specifically to their needs with this innovative concoction of seven technologies to give your head a thicker, luxurious mane! Grow Gorgeous is formulated to stimulate the scalp and protect your tresses from external damage without causing damage to you.

After four months of use, this formula is proven to visibly improve hair thickness by 13%, while the Bio-Active Pea Sprout improves hair growth by 78% in as little as two weeks!

It's about time we start branching out and showing our locks some more TLC! If it isn't something you would forget in your skincare routine, then it shouldn't be something you leave out of your hair care routine either! The difference between dull and healthy hair could be as simple as a switch in shampoo, or a simple serum. What are you waiting for? Your hair needs it!

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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