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The Hair Colors For Winter That You Need To Try

The Hair Colors For Winter That You Need To Try
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From Fall makeup to hair colors for winter, as the seasons change, you might be tempted to switch up your look. Whether you’re currently platinum blonde or rocking trendy balayage – our top hair colors for winter are sure to inspire your brand new, seasonal look.

Our Favorite Hair Colors For Winter

Deep Chocolate Brown 

A gorgeous, deep chocolate brown is the perfect go-to hair color for winter, so deep those sun-kissed highlights and join the dark side. Sun-kissed highlights are harder to maintain during the winter months, mainly due to the lack of sun, so a deep brown color is the perfect option. Not only that, but dark brown hair looks fabulous with Holiday-inspired makeup.

If you're worried about tell-tale roots between salon visits, then get your hands on the Color Wow Root Cover Up in Dark Brown. This will keep your color looking fresh and extend the time in-between salon visits.

Copper Locks 

If you're ready to make a statement this winter, then why not opt for copper hair? It's bee all over the red carpet for a while (excuse the pun), but it's going nowhere fast. With celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Isla Fisher sporting gorgeous copper locks, now is the perfect time to take the plunge to stay oh-so on-trend.

If you're currently sporting blonde locks, then making the switch will be quite a simple process. But that doesn't mean that brunettes can't achieve this gorgeous shade too! It will just be a bit of a longer process and few extra trips to the salon.

If you're brunette, your stylist will need to lighten your hair before applying the copper color.

Whether you've made the switch from blonde to copper or brunette to copper, the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care in Chic Copper will keep your color vibrant and hair healthy.


If you're not quite ready to join the dark side, then why not take your blonde locks a few shades darker for winter? Balayage is perfect for winter - the darker roots and slightly warmer shades of blonde really help to lift your complexion.

The Goldwell Dualsenses Blonde and Highlights 60 Second Treatment is perfect to keep your blonde ends in tip-top condition. Simply apply to the lengths and ends of your hair - avoiding the roots - to neutralize brassy tones and refresh your blonde color.

Silver Strands 

Take your platinum locks a little cooler this winter with on-trend silver hair. Your colorist will apply a purple toner to your locks to remove any yellow undertones, giving you the perfect base for your dye. Your colorist will then add the color and you'll be left with totally Instagrammable locks this winter.

If you're a brunette, achieving this look is more difficult, but not impossible! Your colorist will need to bleach your hair at least once before attempting to add a gray dye. This will help the gray dye to adhere to your hair and really make the color pop.

The Phillip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo & Conditioner have been specifically formulated for gray-colored hair to remove brassy tones and keep the color looking fresh.

Caring For Your New Color

To keep your color looking fresh and vibrant, it's important to use the right hair products. Get your hands on a sulfate-free color-protecting shampoo to avoid stripping your gorgeous new color! The Kérastase  Reflection line  has been expertly formulated to protect your colored hair to keep it strong, healthy and radiant.

Which color are you going for this winter? Tag us on Instagram!

Writer and expert
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